Melody’s strict flow,
Colors in cadenced array,
Bound by harmony.
The well-tempered Clavier Bach

Restrained line meets hue, a visual chord,
Each wave a note, precisely scored.
Limitation's law, subtly drawn,
Within each bound, beauty's dawn.

Structured silence speaks in colored sound,
Harmony's discipline, profoundly profound.
Melodic forms, ordered dance,
Chieh's wisdom in every glance.

Elegant constraint sets the theme,
In vibrant quietude, a composer's dream.
Less is ample, space sings clear,
Within the limits, the Tao draws near.

The digital artwork "The well-tempered clavier bach" resonates with the essence of Hexagram 60, Chieh, which concerns the establishment of limits and the creation of harmonious order through moderation. As Chieh teaches the value of measured restraint for the greater whole, this piece visually interprets the concept with a spectrum of shades in disciplined progression, echoing the tempered scales that gave Bach's clavier its enduring resonance.
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