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The mountain of humanity is ascended through
seven thousand million paths,
each one of them leading to a single star.
Only when all those stars have been lit,
may we raise our view from the earth.


Every day, the night falls over the world
as the restless men scurry to their shelters.
Every day, when the sun sets on the horizon, they hide from darkness, yet an old fear is allowed to filter through their doors.
Ancient stories from far flung places, of threats hidden in the woods, in the deep caverns, in the wilderness.
Stories still told today by the adults to cast fear onto their children, and which are recognised as part of an old game by the sage.
A game wherein who hides and lurks coincide.


I climb every summit through my endless life journeys.
I overcome every existing paradigm in order
to transcend fear.
I  disappear into a vibrational ocean where I feel the universal mind.
I sense the opening in my heart as I detach from duality.
My sacred place in this world is manifested through my hands.
I feed light.


Rebellion always had room inside of me.
A mighty fire from where I learned
most of my lessons.
An urging voice pushing me forward, towards making choices that would not always be right.
And a long time elapsed until I conversed with
that part of me.
I was no longer young, somewhat wiser, perhaps.
A more serene phase when I started to slow down, and often lose myself in the realm of Silence.
I finally drowned the fear to listen, and the shadow had no choice but to show me its face.


I light a candle to open a door, and,
winds from far away slip in.
Between Yin and Yang,
my consciousness observe a place
beyond the realm of time.
A dwelling where the alive and the dead
gather together.
In the centre, an old tree shows up among the mist,
Its branches beholding the sun that will rise.


The wheel of time has consumed my body,
and as a thin line of smoke
escaping from an almost extinguished match,
I let go off everything that once made me doubtful.
Out of this clarity that owns me,
crystal clear memories are born.
I smile to myself as I realise that
some of them managed to cross the veil,
lingering still like a tree planted on the soil.
Yet its branches reaching for the heavens.


No matter the wagon you are placed in,
it is always the same train,
the same journey.
A string of beads make up a rosary.
Thousands of cells are born and perish
in the same organism.
Water evaporates and returns to the same ocean.
Everything is forever shifting and moving,
and at the same time, everything is the same, ONE.
Look around and inside yourself.
You will find hundreds of windows.
Through them, you can experience
the endless journey.


I detach from reality
as I lean on my spirit.
From my peaceful presence
the material world becomes free and fluid.
Love is my true language and
I use it to manifest my reality.
My soul gets inspired as joy permeates my being,
and ego, defeated, quietens. 


My heart has opened wide.
I hear sounds coming from the void,
voices whispering to me.
A seed that finally blossomed
and transformed my perception.
Now I can see shapeless forms,
drafts from that void
that my eyes can barely grasp.
I listen and feel.
I listen and see.


If I decided to take a seat and breathe.
If I closed my eyes to just see myself
If I decided to simply believe and be true to stillness
I wouldn’t hesitate to take the same path,
to initiate the same journey.
And, I’d do it because I no longer want to waste my time
Paying attention to voices that are not aligned with my dreams
Straying from my orbit over and over to always end up,
after some time, returning to it.
If from deep within I feel the silent energy flow driving me forward
Why should I be afraid of the ephemeral storm over the surface of my own waters?
Why should I become impatient though those who see me from outside think I’m out of this world, still, like those mime artists who perform sculptures?
I know that only stillness can shape my true path
And, I know that true guidance can only come from within.
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