Between the last step taken
And the next breath drawn
Lies the vast unsung – life.
(Temple of Silence from Garden of the Gods by Deuter)

Tapetum Lucidum

In the quiet stir of "Tapetum Lucidum," one beholds the essence of Hexagram 64, Wei Ji – Before Completion. It is a hexagram that dances on the edge of culmination, a reminder that the journey is perpetual, a loop where the end is merely a pause before a new beginning. The artwork, with its interplay of light and shadow, of lines that seem to reach for something beyond the frame, is a visual hymn to the beauty of incompletion, the allure of potential that has yet to crystallise.

Embrace the unfinished tale that this image whispers. Within its spectral bounds, there is a gestation of dreams, a promise that brews on the horizon of being. Like the Tao, it is both the path and the walker, the question and the answer curled together in an eternal embrace. The meditation here is one of patience and trust, to be at peace with the brushstrokes of existence that have yet to find their form. It is to understand that within the womb of the 'not yet' lies the seed of all that could be.

Let this piece be a silent ode to the harmony of becoming. In the embrace of its hues, find the tranquility of process, the calm of knowing that all is as it should be, and what is not made manifest still thrums with the vitality of possibility. The beauty of the artwork, like the essence of life, is not diminished by its incompleteness; instead, it is enriched by the dance of the unseen, the unheard symphony that plays in the interstices of the manifest world.
"Tapetum Lucidum" is part of Collection I: Intro of the Virtualkee Project. The collection contains 12 artworks and meditations inspired by the wisdom of the I Ching (The Book of Changes). You are invited to stop and meditate along with any of the pieces.

The artwork is available as a digital download as part of “Virtualkee Collection I: Intro”, and as a premium archival paper print “Tapetum Lucidum Art Print”.

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