Calm squares lock in peace,
Harmony's puzzle complete,


Harmonious fields, now set and still,
Journey's end meets with Tao's will.
Balance found in completion’s grace,
Each part aligned in its perfect place.

From the depths of chaos, order blooms,
Squares of calm in their tranquil rooms.
So does Ji Ji speak, without a sound,
In balanced essence, peace is found.

Endowed with calm, the path now clear,
Maintain the course as Tao draws near.
With every square, with every line,
Existence whispers, divine design.

In "Tantamount," there is a palpable sense of peace that comes after achievement, mirroring Hexagram 63 —Ji Ji's thematic emphasis on the importance of maintaining balance and order in the aftermath of significant change. The visual impact of the artwork with its poised squares and interlocking colors reflects the nuanced stasis and careful equilibrium of Ji Ji.
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