Silent depths beckon,
Insight’s gentle caress,
Truth's veil softly lifts.
Deep Space Exploration by The ambient drones of Bill Baxter

Precipice of Dawn

In the quietude of the artwork lies a profound stillness, mirroring the essence of Hexagram 20, 觀 (Guān), "Contemplation." Here, the act of seeing extends beyond the ocular, inviting a deep inward gaze that transcends the immediate, reaching into the realms of serene understanding. As Guān suggests, true sight is patient and layered, revealing wisdom in the interstices of light and shade.

This digital realm becomes a sanctuary for meditation, where the mind's chatter yields to the heart's insight. Here, within the layers, we find echoes of our own multifaceted nature—complex yet ordered, diverse yet unified. Hence, understanding is often whispered, not declared; it unfolds with the measured grace of dawn’s light, which does not rush to banish the night but gently eases the world into day.

Subsequently, as the artwork's colours blend seamlessly, so too should our contemplation merge the external with the internal. The hues do not clash; they coalesce, offering a visual metaphor for the harmony achievable within. Thus, in our search for meaning, let us not seek answers with a turbulent spirit but approach with the serenity of the dawn, where light gently reveals the world, just as understanding softly illuminates truth.

"Precipice of Dawn" is part of Collection I: Intro of the Virtualkee Project. The collection contains 12 artworks and meditations inspired by the wisdom of the I Ching (The Book of Changes). You are invited to stop and meditate along with any of the pieces.

The artwork is available as a digital download as part of “Virtualkee Collection I: Intro”, and as a premium archival paper print “Precipice of Dawn Art Print”.

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