NARO is a collection of 15 illustrations depicting a array of mesmerising stone circles, from Neolithic and Megalithic Stone Circles to Henge Monuments, Recumbent Stone Circles, and Modern Stone Circles, showcasing the diverse functions and significance of these formations throughout history and into modernity. Each illustration tells a unique story, reflecting the timeless connection between humanity and the cosmos, the sacredness of rituals and worship, and the enduring spirit of communities coming together. The vibrant bold color palette and minimalistic look of the illustrations will enhance any space, from homes to offices, galleries to cafes, and more.

The beauty of these illustrations lies in their ability to evoke wonder and mystery, with stones that stand as ancient witnesses to the cycles of nature's decree. They capture the artistic expressions of human creativity, showcasing the intricate form and design of stone circles as aesthetic marvels and poetic wonders. Rooted in the natural landscape, these illustrations reflect reverence for the land and its significance in symbolic history.

These beautiful images have been created using #ai in Midjourney and are exquisitely detailed. The .jpeg files are compatible with most graphic programs and can be used with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, Gimp, Inkscape, or any other image editor.

All rights reserved © Mila Tovar. Please bear in mind that the Items may not be used as in, in a stand alone fashion, but rather needs to form part of a new wider design.

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