Mila Tovar
Digital Artist Based in Murcia (Spain)
"In my creative realm, I explore the eternal interplay between simplicity and complexity, weaving together symmetry, sacred geometry, and fractal art. Each piece is a mindful journey into the subtle intricacies of our world, celebrating the beauty of natural patterns and offering a moment of contemplative connection. ​​​​​​​”
 I am Mila Tovar, a digital artist and energy therapist based in Murcia, Spain. My journey began in 2013 in Scotland, where I embarked on my first project, The Tree Connection, blending my expertise in energy healing with self-taught visual arts. Guided by a passion for equilibrium and tranquility, my creations mirror the profound connection between nature, cosmos, and humanity. Through meticulous integration of Photoshop, Digital Photography, Fractal Architect, and Midjourney, I craft immersive experiences resonating with geometric precision and vibrant hues or serene monochromes. With unwavering belief in the transformative potential of technology and the interconnectedness of existence, I pioneer a new frontier of integrative realities, where digital art becomes a catalyst for personal and collective metamorphosis.
I am a proud tree ambassador for For every print purchased in my shop we plant a tree where they are most needed. (1 PRINT= 1TREE)
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