“I believe that connection, growth, & contribution are the keys to reach the centre of our mandala. Just like trees: Our intentions get us connected, our actions make us grow, and our energy transforms ecosystems” - Mila Tovar
We Heart Botanics  invites us to rekindle our inherent connection with the natural world, urging us to tread gently upon the soil that cradles our dreams and aspirations. It reminds us that in the fragile delicacy of a petal, the vibrant hues of a leaf, and the dance of celestial bodies, lie profound narratives of life, growth, and interconnectedness.
"I find your work beautiful! I suppose everyone will have their own interpretations of the pieces but for me a lot of them have a very dark and mysterious quality, but also so much delicacy and depth that it creates a beautiful juxtaposition. “The Unexplored” for me is also my favourite because it reminds me of the inkblot (Rorschach) tests, which I love and appears quite haunting with the contrast of black and red, even though the content and the meaning behind it is probably less sinister! (Again a beautiful contrast of themes)."
—Emily Merchant, UK
INKDALAS. 2015-2021.
"We purchased eight of these prints to hang together - what a fun collection. They are colorful and interesting, and make a great conversation piece! Love them"
—Elizabeth Hlinak, Illinois
Infinite fractal beauty in circular motion :) I want to have all your artworks! Alchemy of Spirit. Aeon. Beauty and flow :) <3 Lost in this spiral/geometric design. Pure fractal goodness! Artworks i could never get tired of looking at :)
—Kyle Kotze, South Africa
"You had amazing customer service from the start to the end. Your help & time is greatly appreciated. You're wonderful!!! This turned out amazing. I will be purchasing more. :)"
—Chintana Philavanh-Owens, Oregon 
The project aims to celebrate both the central role of trees in the ecosystem supporting life on planet Earth in all its forms, and the sacred connection of spiritual energy supporting life beyond the physical realm.

It was love at first sight. All your work touches my soul. It is refreshingly different, highly aesthetic in every way, it is timeless and it speaks from soul to soul. The combination with the Haikus is breathtakingly beautiful and opens the door to deeper awareness. I found my favourite work and guess what, the Haiku hits the nail for me :)It is "I am listening at last”.
—Iris Lehnhardt, Germany
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