Sphere in stillness lies,
Strength in waiting, silently,
Power in disguise.

Dead Reckoning

In stillness, power gathers unseen,
Quiet sphere of light, tranquil and serene.
Within its curve, a world of might,
Held in pause, poised for flight.

Restraint's embrace holds fast the core,
Wisdom’s weight, a silent roar.
Gentle outside, yet strong within,
Ta Ch’u's lesson begins to spin.

Await the time with certainty clear,
The sphere's calm strength has naught to fear.
In this cycle, where ends meet starts,
Lies the taming power of patient hearts.

This digital artwork aligns with the essence of Hexagram 26, Ta Ch’u, which symbolises the restraining power of the great, the importance of self-control, inner strength, and the accumulation of powers for a significant purpose. This hexagram speaks to the potential of restraint and the importance of accumulating wisdom and energy until the right moment. The artwork's serene sphere suggests a contained energy, a power held in reserve and the calm before a decisive action.
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