Glowing orb ignites,
Alchemist's dream transmutes—
Silent fusion's boon.
(Gregorian Chants Ave Maria With Stream Sounds by Benedictine Sisters)


The gentle curvature and the soft blend of colors within this image evoke Hexagram 11, Tai, Peace. It is the embodiment of harmony where the earth's receptivity meets the heaven's action, and all is in balance. In this digital sphere, let us meditate on the equilibrium of forces, the unity of opposites that forms the foundation of all existence. Here, the seeker is invited to reflect upon the serenity that prevails when all elements are in their rightful place, a tranquil orb of light amidst the cosmic dance.

In the luminous heart of the orb, a solitary point radiates outward, suggesting the singularity from which multiplicity arises. It is a visual echo of the stillness within which holds the potential for all action, the silent center of the whirlwind. In meditation, we aim to reach this center, this point of pure potential, where the mind is clear, and the spirit is tranquil. It is the state of perfect peace that precedes creation, the harmonious void filled with infinite possibilities.

Let this image be a guiding star, leading the meditator to a place where thoughts dissolve into the luminous ether of pure being. It is in this space that we may understand the essence of peace as not merely the absence of turmoil, but the presence of an all-encompassing order. Each hue and gradient in the image is a step towards this realization, a path laid out for the soul to discover the enduring tranquility that underlies the surface of life’s ever-changing phenomena.

"Ayatollah" is part of Collection I: Intro of the Virtualkee Project. The collection contains 12 artworks and meditations inspired by the wisdom of the I Ching (The Book of Changes). You are invited to stop and meditate along with any of the pieces.

The artwork is available for free as a digital download asset.

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