Silent depths beckon, 
Whispers dance on the threshold, 
Truth flows in stillness
Mental Clarity by Robert Haig Coxon
Ante Penultimacy​​​​​​​

Upon the digital lines of “Ante Penultimacy," we encounter a realm where the rhythmic pulse of binary beats meets the timeless flow of ancient wisdom. Here, the stark lines of certainty blur into the subtle hues of the ineffable, inviting a serene passage through the veil of the tangible. This visual meditation, reflecting the wisdom of Hexagram 29, Kan (坎), "The Abysmal," invites us into the depths of introspection, into the waters that run deep with the mysteries of the self.

Indeed, the artwork's undulating lines and the soft gradient of blues and purples resonate with Kan's flowing water, reminding us of the dual nature of life's challenges—they can ensnare yet also guide us to new insights. The image whispers of resilience, of the gentle yet persistent power of water that shapes stone, not through force but through persistence—its surface calm, its depths unfathomable. Similarly, our own trials, when met with the fluidity of spirit, become not obstacles but gateways to deeper understanding. The digital contours in this piece echo the meandering rivers of our psyche, ever flowing, ever seeking, shaping us through their course.

Let us then, in contemplation of this digital expanse, consider the interplay of the visible and the invisible, the material and the ethereal, the articulate and the unspoken. Herein lies the dance of creation and dissolution, a cycle where void is not an absence but a canvas of infinite possibility. The piece serenades the beauty in the depths, serenely acknowledging that within every termination lies the seed of a fresh commencement, within every nadir, a zenith awaiting revelation.

"Ante Penultimacy​​​​​​​" is part of Collection I: Intro of the Virtualkee Project. The collection contains 12 artworks and meditations inspired by the wisdom of the I Ching (The Book of Changes). You are invited to stop and meditate along with any of the pieces.

The artwork is available as a digital download as part of “Virtualkee Collection I: Intro".

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