”My fascination for the eternal interconnection of simplicity and complexity in all living forms is usually reflected in my projects in the use of symmetry, sacred geometry and fractal art. With my works I try to create new perspectives that surprise the mind in a way that leave it quiet, for an instant. I consider myself to be a truth seeker, a galactic explorer in a foreign land trying to get familiar with everything around, as I try to expand beyond my own limits”

Through my work I explore the intersection of the intricacies of the human mind, the depths of the digital cosmos and the transformative power of creativity. I use a variety of generative tools, digital photography and media that help me challenge the boundaries of human perception, embracing a sense of wabi-wabi and innovative boldness that defies the constrains of the ordinary.
My work is driven by a burning desire to transcend common realities, as I see myself embarked on a deeply personal and transformative quest to find balance and harmony within my own existence. The resulting amalgamation is a vivid, powerful and visionary expression of my explorations and learnings, beckoning fellow galactic explorers to traverse beyond the mundane and embark on a vibrant journey towards the unknown. 

Mila Tovar (b.1978) is a digital artist and energy therapist based in Murcia (Spain). The drive behind her creations is the challenge to bring forth equilibrium and harmony to the mind-body-spirit triad and ignite the intrinsic desire of self-expression and self-transformation. In pursuing her artistic vision, the digital medium has become the perfect orbiting hub to manifest the galaxies and dimensions of Cosmoartica.

Mila started her independent creative career in 2013 when she moved to Scotland and began her first personal project The Tree Connection. With a background in energy healing modalities and self-taught visual arts training,
her work revolves around fractal storytelling highlighting the intersection between nature, cosmos & human connection.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, she has successfully marketed and sold her independent digital creations via online galleries, which has allowed her to connect directly with art enthusiasts worldwide and receive rave reviews for her unique artistic vision.

“Each creation serves as a harmonious nexus between the energetic, mystical, and cosmic realms, illustrating my intrinsic desire to bring forth equilibrium and tranquility.”

Delving into her unyielding passion for nature, Mila embraces wabi sabi and silence as daily practice for a meaningful life. Her personal journey towards healing guided her to become a certified energy therapist, and its practice has become an inseparable coupling with her creative endeavours.

Her deep-rooted belief in the interconnectedness of all beings and the boundless potential of energy drives her artistic exploration. With an unwavering belief in the transformative potential of technology, she finds herself captivated by the latest AI models, experimenting with them to push the boundaries of her artistic expression.  She foresees a world where we embrace simplicity, get in alignment with our own essence and celebrate our profound connection with nature and the cosmos. Indeed, Mila´s journey is one of profound introspection, where the convergence of digital art and energy work becomes a catalyst for personal and collective transformation.

“I believe that technology can become a conduit for human evolution, helping us expand our perceptions and inviting us to embrace the depths of human design”

Drawing inspiration from the fractal nature of the universe, the emerging ai language models and the wabi sabi philosophy she practises, Mila employs employs a unique blend of generative digital tools and techniques to transform her creative visions into mystical and integrative realities.

Her artistic process involves a meticulous combination of Photoshop techniques, Digital Photography, Fractal Architect and Midjourney. This seamless integration has allowed her to create a signature style that is both visually striking and emotionally resonant. Her work gravitates towards geometrical forms, symmetry and natural silhouettes which often merge with a plethora of textures and colourful hues or monochrome inks, creating immersive and evocative experiences that captivate the senses.

Mila's collections are so beautiful that it is difficult to choose. The Fuki collection is my first purchase but there will be others. I am impressed by the quality of the illustrations and the work provided. Congratulations Mila and Thank you for your precise and quick responses to the messages sent -Pascal, France

I love these images so much!! Thank you Mila for such beautiful works of art. I am very pleased with the download process, the excellent quality of the images, and Mila's outstanding, above-and-beyond customer service. I definitely will be purchasing more of these beautiful collections. -Eva Browning

It was love at first sight. All your work touches my soul. It is refreshingly different, highly aesthetic in every way, it is timeless and it speaks from soul to soul. The combination with the Haikus is breathtakingly beautiful and opens the door to deeper awareness. I found my favourite work and guess what, the Haiku hits the nail for me :) It is "I am listening at last”. —Iris Lehnhardt, Germany

I find your work beautiful! I suppose everyone will have their own interpretations of the pieces but for me a lot of them have a very dark and mysterious quality, but also so much delicacy and depth that it creates a beautiful juxtaposition. “The Unexplored” for me is also my favourite because it reminds me of the inkblot (Rorschach) tests, which I love and appears quite haunting with the contrast of black and red, even though the content and the meaning behind it is probably less sinister! (Again a beautiful contrast of themes). —Emily Merchant, UK

I have received my print of "The sign is here" The print stood out as a reminder of renewal. No matter how harsh the winter may be, the Light always brings life and the cycle begins again. I have been following Milas work for a few years now and she never fails to inspire me through her original works. Thank You so much for this piece of you Mila —Phillip Kirkbride, Virginia

One of my favorites! The energy or what looks almost like electricity coming off the individual lines is both soothing and exciting at the same time. From afar, peaceful and serene but from up close, alive and full of energy. —Kyle Kotze, South Africa

Mila's prints are absolutely beautiful! I bought them as a gift for my boyfriend and he couldn't wait to hang them in his office. Mila was very helpful in terms of providing suggestions on how to print/what size to make the prints and even offered to customize the print if needed. I would absolutely recommend! —Kyla Hillier, Canada

Love love love. This print adds a pop of color to my room but also blends in well with everything else. With the instant download I got my poster printed within one day! I want to fill my house with these prints they are so unique and they speak to my soul. Thank you milatovar! —Taylor Weissman, Illinois

HushStudio was AMAZING to work with. She went above and beyond to help me find exactly what I was looking for and made sure it was what I needed. I get compliments all the time about my artwork and have referred my co-workers to here! Thank you! —Christina Rieling, South Carolina

Thanks for helping me take my dream laboratory to the next level! Your artwork is beautiful and I loved hearing about your process through our conversation. Keep up the amazing work!!! —Katie Frazee, Arizona
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